As a yoga teacher, Kathryn helps people find ease, resiliency, and strength in their lives by developing a yoga practice. Having come to yoga injured, inflexible and overweight, she's earned every millimeter of movement and strength through practice, and educated herself along the way in the most effective methodologies.

An articulate and earnest teacher with thoughtful sequencing, deep gratitude for her role in the universe, a clear methodology, and an ever increasing wealth of information, Kathryn is the teacher for those who want to feel confident in the whys and hows, and also be inspired by where they can take you.

Whatever reason you have to get on your mat, it can happen. At heart a vinyasa teacher, Kathryn draws on complementary elements of restorative, yin, pilates, and movement patterns. More recently, she became a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms).

work with kathryn

  • yoga workshops for wellness, yoga goals, and a happier, mindful life
  • drop-in yoga classes for studios
  • corporate yoga classes for your business or organization
  • private one-on-one or small group classes - tailored to your needs
  • a large yoga class for your event or conference
  • writing or video content - on practicing yoga, teaching, meditation, lifestyle, or philosophy


My teacher, Mona Warner of Janati Yoga, and my best friend, dallas delahunt of studio330. For all the students who teach me so much about myself and this thing we call yoga.